About Kalyan Matka Wiki

Kalyan Matka which gets name from its origin place where the game began i.e. Kalyan Maharashtra,India was started by a grocery shop owner based in Worli. Kalyanji Gangadhar Bhagat on the April 2, 1962 started taking bets based on opening and closing rate of cotton traded in New York exchange.

About Kalyanji Gangadhar Bhagat :-
He is born to a farmer lived in village of Ratadia(Gujrat).His family name was Gala. 'Bhagat', a modification of ‘ bhakt’, was a title given to our family by the King of Kutch for our religiousness.In past king controls area surrounded by Ratadia failed to provide basic living things to public , so that people starting migrating towards urban area to fulfill their bread and butter.Kalyanji was one of the migrant , came to Mumbai in 1941.From there on, after jobs like masala feriwala and kirana store manager, his journey from a room in a BBD Chawl to owning two buildings, ensued from his becoming a bookie receiving bets on the opening and closing figures of the New York and Bombay Cotton Markets.From the mid 50's , the rate of cotton trading was too predictable after studying previous rates.Here Matka betting was actual introduced.

The name matka is because the idea occurred to my father while seeing people bet on numbered chits drawn from a pot.However there is no such pot ever used to draw results.Even with Khatri breaking away in 1964 to form 'Ratan Matka', a daily 'turnover' of rupees one crore (cited in 1974) left plenty for everyone.

The craze of matka was became trending because betting started from one rupee unlike other lottery system(odds vary from 1:9 to 1:15,000).So that even begger / poor people can bet and earn reward according to their betting amount.This strategy helps Kalyan Matka to grow faster and captures industry.And the process is so simple.” And still, the format of matka resembled that of a lottery, a fact that, coupled with a tremendous amount of bribe, prompted authorities to treat it lightly. 

“The spread of matka In India has been phenomenal,” says Joint Commissioner Crime, Rakesh Maria, who's in charge of the Suresh Bhagat murder investigation.Yet why did he not let the matka business go, even after it became dangerously imbued with underworld influence? “Whoever runs this business has too much power,” Vinod Bhagat protests. “He didn't want it to go into the wrong hands.” Police sources believe otherwise: “No one would let go of a goose that lays golden eggs. Yet the business was slipping from Suresh's hands because he was unable to control the huge network of bookies it operated through.”
From here, matka took over the whole country, with operators, punters and bookies flourishing to make profits.